Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is Streamyx?

What exactly is Streamyx?

Streamyx is Malaysia's top broadband internet provider, linking Malaysians nationwide with the fast-paced virtual world.

The bandwidth provided by Streamyx gives you an unsurpassed Online feel. Video and audio stream steadily. Plus you will be readily kept abreast with the complicated software as well as large sites that are now in style.

With Streamyx broadband you will be able to:

* constantly online

* experiencing unlimited usage for one rate, and

* downloading files at super fast speeds as high as 4.0Mbps!

Five ways Streamyx can enhance your online experience

See the broadband internet ability that Streamyx delivers! You will find a drastic jump in gains, it doesn't matter how you utilize the online world. Tell us what type of internet user you're, or the kind you would love to be:

Always connected to the internet

You like to be kept up to date on the fly, to get news as it occurs, to be 'on it'. You are constantly connected to the internet, this is why you need a continual connection to the cyberworld.

The share market changes fast, nevertheless I am consistently on top of it.

Important stuff like your stock portfolio demand careful attention, mainly because things change fast in the online world rat race. Streamyx is the best choice to keep up with your competitors.

At any time, no issue. Now i'm online round the clock.

Due dates are generally usual when working at home - whether or not you're self employed or a busy student. You will have to be ready always, and a dependable connection by Streamyx is really a necessity.

Is it really worth my money?

With all the hard work you put in, you will like to invest ones own earnings upon the best value. In a single very affordable fixed rate, Streamyx makes certain you are Always Connected through the month.

Game Freak

You are good in the art of war. And only way too familiar with the lag - the bane of each and every gamer which even Sun Tzu has no answer for. Streamyx is the best answer to latency problems.

Guess Now i am speedier than you

The rush is often a common approach generally in most real-time technique and first-person shoot out online game. Timing is a most crucial aspect, and it really helps no-one in case you are always just a little sluggish. A good reason to upgrade to Streamyx now!

I don't get disconnected any longer.

1 moment is usually what is needed. You're progressing , then the display screen halts, you're dead. Or even out of the game. None of that nonsense with Streamyx!

I'm currently saves a good deal, playing at home!

Just how much does 1 hr of online gaming cost you at the cybercafe? Streamyx's basic package starts at RM66 for a whole month - that's 720 hrs. Surely value for your money.

Casual Web browser

You use the internet from time to time, or when you genuinely have to. Its possible you think that broadband isn't for you? In reality, you are the one who will experience the most gains from Streamyx. Here's exactly why.

My attachments download in lightning speed.

Get your audio or video files in mere seconds! Reply a couple of emails within the time it will take to load one! Accomplish more instead of wait more, by using Streamyx up grade.

I'm rarely on the internet nonetheless I enjoy precisely how steady it is actually all the time.

Forget about the inconvenience of a sluggish and inconsistent connection while you are online for necessary things. Shake off this online experience of the past and move on broadband with Streamyx!

By using Streamyx, time isn't really money.

Spending money on online usage by the hour is the thing of the past. Use your money wisely! Accomplish a lot more, at your own rate, on the Streamyx's fixed month to month fee - the better option for value.

Social Buff

Ahh, the ought to be in contact. You want of having Live messenger as well as Google Talk on at the same time, while loading Twitter, Youtube and your usual group of blogs and a few others. What better option than Streamyx?

Watch a lot more pictures at the same time.

With the plethora of your mate's photo now in all those web 2 . 0 web sites, you most certainly require a fast connection to stay up and stay in touch these days.

No longer disconnection in the middle of a chat.

Don't be satisfied with repeating yourself several times over using voice and/or video conferencing applications! Those difficulties will just vanish whenever that you're connecting with Streamyx.

On-line Fiends

You love this era of internet, the age of zero cost instant rich multi-media . Downloading as well as streaming, the sights and sounds usually are integral to your internet experience. Give it a boost with Streamyx!

Finally my movies plays immediately!

Fed up of start stop motion during video streaming? We understand totally. With the rapid data transfer of Streamyx, now you can get everything in real-time.

All my downloads arrived without a hitch!

It can be a big letdown whenever your downloads are truncated - even more so If it's at the last second. Get the continuous strength of Streamyx bandwidth to sustain your download!

We can now enjoy international TV shows!

With IPTV, you don't have to wait for conventional Television, and you can gain access to programmes from some other locations. Streamyx is your solution to much more information - plus more value!